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Vision Correction Technology

Vision Correction Technology

Every individual has unique irregularities in their eyes that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Our customized vision correction process measures every hill and valley of your unique eyes with microscopic precision, maps those measurements and creates a blueprint of your eyes.

This is all achieved through our iDESIGN® Refractive Studio, the first and only topography-integrated, wavefront-guided vision correction technology available. Our doctors are able to create a truly customized treatment plan for your unique eyes based on the information gathered from this revolutionary system. Your eyes are measured inside and out using:

The high-definition, 3D scan that is generated of your eye is 25 times more precise than traditional methods of measuring. In just 3 seconds, the system captures over 1,200 data points including:

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The measurements gathered help guide our excimer laser during the actual cornea reshaping process so we can help patients achieve the very best vision results possible.

Contact us to schedule your free Vision Correction Screening to learn more about iDESIGN Bourbonnais, IL. You can also find out if your eyes are right for this amazing procedure.

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