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Can I Travel After LASIK?

While all patients have a different rate of recovery, LASIK patients generally resume normal activities within a couple of days of surgery. LASIK has an outstanding success rate and recovery is a breeze, with complications being a rarity. Even mild, common side effects pass within a short time; some of these include light sensitivity, halos around lights and dry eye. As with any surgery, following the post-operative care instructions provided by your doctor is the best plan of action especially when getting back to work, incorporating exercise back into your routine and traveling. 

Can I travel after LASIK? Now that your vision has improved or been restored, you are ready to see the world. And for many of our patients, that includes the desire to travel. Most doctors will permit their patients to fly nearly right away after surgery after being cleared at their follow up visit following surgery. The follow-up appointment is typically scheduled for 1-3 days post-surgery. Adequate recovery time is necessary to ensure the eyes have fully healed, complications have not arisen and bacteria has not infected the eyes. Once your eyes have healed properly, you’ll be cleared for takeoff. Or train travel. Or a cruise. Pretty much whichever mode of transportation by which you choose to travel, you will be deemed ready and able. Your travel accommodation options should include the same protocols as healing at home. Stay hydrated, lubricate the eyes with artificial tears, reduce eye strain, avoid touching the eyes and wait at least 1 week before submerging your eyes underwater. 

Overall, LASIK surgery should not interfere with your travel plans, especially if you are a passenger. If, however, traveling is part of your job description, for example if you are a long-distance truck driver or airline pilot, it would be wise to take extra time before resuming your regular job as long periods of time with your eyes open can lead to dry eyes. Take note that airplane cabins are significantly drier than normal air and can also cause dry eye symptoms. 

LASIK is the clear choice for jet setters ready to ditch their prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Traveling without the hassle of bringing contact lens solution through airport security or worrying about your glasses breaking in your bag offers patients a hands-free and worry-free experience with their new sharp vision. If you would like to learn more about LASIK benefits at Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center, contact our office at 815-932-2020 or WEBSITE.