Implantable Collamer Lens

What is the Visian ICL?

Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) provides High Definition Vision, which is sharper and clearer than most other forms of vision correction. Patients with nearsightedness and/or astigmatism may be candidates for this next generation in vision correction.

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Which Procedure Is A Great Match For You?

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The Procedure & What to Expect

icl (1) The Visian ICL is gently placed through a tiny incision in the cornea. Due to its flexibility, the lens is folded and inserted through a self-sealing micro incision allowing for a quick recovery. The Visian ICL unfolds and is then positioned behind the iris and in front of the natural lens of the eye. Once placed in the eye, the patient will not feel or see the Visian ICL, but they will notice the dramatic improvement in their vision.

Benefits of ICL

  • Short Recovery Time

    The procedure itself takes as little as 15 minutes per eye. There is very little discomfort and you can see immediately after the outpatient procedure. Once in place, there is no maintenance required with the Visian ICL, unlike typical contact lenses.

  • Designed to be Permanent, Yet is Removable

    The Visian ICL provides excellent high definition results without altering the natural shape of the cornea, thus it is completely reversible.

  • UV Protection

    The ICL advanced lens material contains a UV blocker that actually prevents harmful UV rays from entering the eye.

  • Safety & Effectiveness

    Research reviewed by the FDA has shown that the Visian ICL had distinct advantages and a lower chance of resulting in unwanted visual distortions such as glare or halos. In a three-year clinical study, 99% of patients reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their results and over 98% reported being able to see 20/40 or better.  With over 1,000,000 implanted and 20 years of experience worldwide, the Visian ICL is a premium choice for many patients looking for vision correction without the hassle of glasses or contacts.

  • ICL & Aging

    As we age, the likelihood of developing cataracts increases. A benefit of Visian ICL is that your future options concerning cataract surgery are not affected.

“It changed my life completely. It was the best money I ever spent.”
—Jeff Papineau (ICL)

What Is Visian ICL?

Change Your Vision, Change Your Life

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