Exciting Opportunities

Get the Vision You Used to Have & Always Wanted Back.

Best for active, independent people who want to be free from glasses most of the time.

  • Laser-Assisted Precision Surgery
  • Minor Astigmatism Correction

“It’s simple: Anyone who is a candidate should do this! It’s absolutely perfect! It’s fantastic!”
-Vernon Love

Cataract Surgery

Get Your Best Distance Vision with the Latest Laser Technology.

Best for those who want to drive without glasses but don’t mind wearing readers.

  • Laser-Assisted Precision Surgery
  • Advanced Astigmatism Correction as Needed

“I walked into Fisher Swale and Nicholson Eye Center, I was legally blind at the time, and I walked out of here with peace of mind. I struggled throughout my life, my vision held me back; I didn’t have the confidence most people had, now that’s all been restored.”
-Melody Malecki

Remove Your Cloudy Lens

Best for those who want to see clearer but don’t mind being dependent on glasses for daily life.

  • Manual Cataract Extraction Surgery

“I was very surprised with how great my vision turned out. I can drive myself and be comfortable now!”
-Michael Rissky

ReSTOR Multifocal IOL

Toric IOL

Basic IOL