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Glenda’s Cataract Surgery Vision Success Story

June is national cataract awareness month and we’re celebrating with Glenda’s vision success story! At the beginning of 2018 Glenda started her journey toward restored vision. She never thought a routine surgery would completely transform her life the way it did. 

“I withdrew inside myself when I developed cataracts. I felt like no one wanted to see me anymore because I could not put on the ‘face’ I use to have when I could see colors.”

Glenda Before Cataract Surgery“I withdrew inside myself when I developed cataracts. I felt like no one wanted to see me anymore because I could not put on the ‘face’ I use to have when I could see colors,” Glenda explained. 

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens inside the eyes, which leads to a decrease in vision complicating everyday life. 

Life Without Color

Glenda with glasses before cataract surgery at the mall with granddaughterShe stopped watching TV programs, putting on eye makeup, limited her driving, and cooking. Her dull vision from cataracts took over her vivid personality. She was dreaming of the day she would be ready for cataract surgery. 

“When I heard it was time to have my surgery I was so excited I couldn’t stand it,” Glenda said. “I never imagined it was going to be as good as it was.”

Cataracts are removed through an outpatient procedure with Dr. Swale. There are several options available to the patient, all designed to increase their quality of life.

Glenda Before Surgery With Grandchild

“I Feel Like A New Woman”

Glenda With Grandchildren on Bleachers

“My life has changed considerably. I’ve noticed the colors on my granddaughter’s clothes are so vivid! I love going on walks now. I feel like a new woman,” Glenda said. “My brothers have even mentioned how much happier I seem.” And being a woman of strong faith, Glenda believes that it was due to Dr. Swale and the grace of God that she has such great eyesight no. “I am so thankful for Dr. Swale and for cataract surgery.”

If you live long enough you will develop cataracts. Thankfully, Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center is here to help.

Glenda Outdoors After Cataract Surgery With Grandchildren


To learn more about cataracts and all the options available to you visit our cataract surgery page or call 815-932-2020.

Did You Know? 

When you choose to have cataract surgery at FSNEye, we have customized options for you to select from to meet your lifestyle goals! Fisher-Swale-Nicholson Eye Center offers:

    • Dropless Cataract Surgery: That’s right, and it’s free! No more using drops several times a day for several weeks following surgery.
    • Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery: This high-tech option comes with prescription correcting implant lenses for all distances!*

*If elected, an additional fee will apply—Why? Read on. 

There are two main reasons why the elective portion of cataract surgery would not be covered by your insurance or would have additional fees.  

  1. If the cataract surgery is performed using Lensar laser technology, the laser portion is not considered MEDICALLY NECESSARY by insurance companies because it will leave you less dependent on  eyeglasses or contacts. 
  2. The implant lenses being used are advanced and more sophisticated rather than the basic lens. 

Advanced technology lenses  are not covered by insurance and tend to cost extra because of their special features that correct astigmatism and reading vision. Always feel comfortable to ask Dr. Swale or our office about what portion of a procedure you will be responsible if you elect to have a vision correction procedure. We’re here to help you master your view.