10 Keys to Increasing Profits in Any Business

  1. Cut overhead by automating almost everything, accounting, reporting, voicemail, ordering, fulfillment, customer service, and sales.
  2. Cut variable expenses by negotiating with suppliers. Read more

Nine Ways to Improve Patient Billing

Consumer research and expert analysis by the Patient-Friendly Billing Task Force (a collection of payers, vendors, and associations that includes the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) outline several steps to attack the billing problems that can delay patient payments.  Suggested actions include: Read more

The Importance of Patient Service


Is the most important person in any eye care practice.


Is not dependent on us…we are dependent on her/him. Read more

Ways to Improve Profitability

  1. Charge higher fees
  2. Optimize coding
  3. Adhere to clinical protocols defining standard of care
  4. Increase utilization i.e. see more volume of same patient mix Read more

Does Your Patient Information Need an Overhaul?

Your practice literature is one of the most important ways you have to present your practice to your market.  Once a year the inventory of patient information materials should be reviewed, updated and streamlined.  This article will give you some tips on making sure that your patient educational materials are working hard for you and enhancing your overall marketing efforts. Read more

Four Things Your Administrator Is Responsible for Doing


Fill pipeline with boulders and rocks.  Keep sand out.

Always be mindful.  Word-of-mouth is number one referral source. Read more

Get Ready for the Boom

Eye care professionals: Get ready for the boom!

The age range of today’s baby boomers is associated with two main visual events: onset of presbyopia and the development of cataracts.  The implications for eye care providers are tremendous; the rapid increase in the number of people turning 60 each year will create a parallel increase in demand for all forms of eye surgery and care associated with aging.  The eye care professionals will need to respond.  Read more

Tips for Terrific Telephone Technique

  1. Internal marketing starts with the initial phone contact with your practice.
  2. Be friendly (as if other patients are listening and watching you; as if your boss is evaluating you and you are very confident in your performance; as if God is watching and you are giving him a good show!)
  3. Develop a style and “sound” that says “I’m on”..a rhythm like an experienced telemarketer …dance with them. Read more