Insurance Contract Checklist

  • Plan name_______________________________________________
  • All attachments, addenda, and documents referenced are attached.
  • All verbal representations made to you are referenced in writing. Read more

Think Like a Practice CEO

These six steps will start you on your way.

He, and increasingly she, is a familiar figure in corporate America – the workaholic middle manager.  He is a dedicated soldier in the corporate army, obsessed with his work.  He can be found at his desk late most evenings, slogging through endless mounds of reports and e-mails.  No problem or issue is too small to command his attention. Read more

conflict resolution strategies on napkin

Resolve to Resolve Conflict

Top Ten Keys to Effective Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

By Ron Blue

James Autry, in his book, Love and Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership, writes that “conflict is not bad and it is not destructive…conflict is not good and not constructive.  Conflict becomes good or bad to the extent that it either becomes growth and learning or hostility and failure.  You, as manager, determine which it will be.” Read more

Secretary at computer desk

Minimizing the Practice Pain Factors

by Ron Blue


First, always ask the patient, “Do you mind holding?”  Allow them to answer and then, before placing them on hold, reply, “Thank you for helping me” or “Thank you”. Read more

Understanding Mission Statements

By Ron Blue

  • Mission statement sets an overall purpose for the organization.
  • A mission statement answers questions like:
    • What are the core values, principles, and beliefs (i.e., what is really important?)
    • What are the organization’s strengths? Unique strategic advantages?
    • What is to be accomplished? Read more

Things You Must Do to Improve Collections

  1. Be Attentive
    • Look for past due patient balances on superbill and ask patient to pay.
    • Look for computer flags which indicate past collection problems like write – offs, collection agency, NSF checks, etc. Insist on cash payment in advance for these types of patients. Read more

Top Ten Things that Turn Patients Off

1. Ignoring Them

The office should be anticipating each arrival.  When people walk in the door they should be greeted by name. Read more

Fifteen Customer Service Facts

  1. Dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10 people about their bad experience; 12% tell up to 20 people.
  2. Satisfied customers will tell an average of 5 people about their positive experience. Read more