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What Is a Refraction Test and Why Won’t Medicare Cover It?

The refraction test, also termed vision test, is an examination that tests an individual’s ability to see an object at a specific distance. The test involves looking through a device called a phoropter to read letters or recognize symbols on a wall chart through lenses of differing strength which are contained within the device. (During this process, the eye doctor will ask you “Which is better…one or two?”). This test is performed as part of a normal eye examination to determine whether an individual has normal vision. It is also used to determine the prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Read more

Raise Your Hand to Stop Diabetes This November

Mary Ann, from Bound Brook, NJ, has witnessed the ravages of diabetes firsthand, but she will not let it get her down. “My mother and grandmother both died from diabetes.  It is a killer, attacking about every organ you have,” she said.

Now Mary Ann and her brother both have diabetes.  “People need to know about diabetes and how they can prevent developing type 2 diabetes or diabetes complications,” she said.  “I want to stop diabetes, so I manage my disease well by taking my medicines, checking my blood glucose regularly, watching what I eat and staying informed,” she said.

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